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Resort Activities

Experience authentic luxury, bespoke adventure and a blissful restorative escape at this unique sanctuary, while we tend to your comfort and sustenance. Let your inner explorer come to life and book your experience with our unique activities available during your stay! Our activities are organized to be conducted in smaller groups to preserve the natural beauty of our environment as well as in adherence to the MOH guidelines. Simply reach out to us to book your experience, contact us via phone or WhatsApp.


River Cruises

Explore Brunei's flora and fauna while enjoying the cool river breeze on our exclusive pontoon boat. We are excited to welcome you on board! Encounter the serenity and ecosystem of the Labu river collectively with the mangrove forests.


Short River Cruise

Daily: 12:30 PM to 5:00 PM

Duration: 30 mins

Sunset Cruise

Daily: 5:30 PM

Duration: 60 mins

See a different perspective of what Labu River can offer in total darkness. Shadows of trees blend into the blackness, and their silhouettes contrast against the sky that stretches among the stars. And if you are lucky, you may be able to witness fireflies dancing onto their star-studded stage of the mangrove forest or see bioluminescent plankton in the river that can sometimes cause the surface to sparkle at night.

Night Cruise

Daily: 7:30 PM

Duration: 30-40 mins

*Note: Availability subject to weather conditions.

Bonfire image (1).jpeg



Our eco-resort offers an environment that is about privacy, charm, peace and exploration, so Bonfire fits right. Enjoy s'mores toasting and biscuits over bonfire and drinks, and if you're lucky to have a clear sky with little or no clouds, you can enjoy stargazing too! 

Daily 7:30 PM


Jab Gym x The Abode

Join wellness sessions with our fitness partner - Jab Gym with the tranquil sounds of nature. Workout sessions are available in the weekend. For schedule, enquire with our Reservations Team.


Solar Gallery Tour

Our resort is proudly 100% powered by renewable energy from the sun. Come and tour our Solar Gallery to see how we harness energy from the sun and convert it to electricity while also sharing our green initiatives.

Daily: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Movie at The Hemisphere

Cozy up with a picnic blanket, pillows and watch a classic movie playing for the night inclusive of a beverage and light snacks in The Hemisphere. 

Daily: 8:00 PM



Kiddie guns

For the little ones, we have water gun or bubble gun available.

Daily At Anytime.


Kelicap Bakau Zip-Line

Kelicap Bakau or also known as Copper-throated Sunbird is a very common sight in Brunei’s mangroves. Experience the closest thing to flying, just like these amazing birds, through the mangroves and experience an adrenaline rush whilst enjoying the beauty of nature.

Daily 4:00 PM

Temporarily unavailable due to maintenance



Visit to Canopy Tower

Be in awe of the view from Temburong National Park after climbing up the infamous 43metre tall Canopy Tower. Dip your toes into the refreshing cold water at one of the many waterfalls in the Temburong rainforest before returning back to the resort.


In collaboration with Temburong local tour operators. Advance booking is required. 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

Panji Waterfall


Trekking to Panji Waterfall

If you enjoy trekking, you will want to experience this! Ride on a longboat up-stream to Sg Kudan, followed by 2.5 hours trekking to Panji River Waterfall. On your return from the waterfall, you will enjoy some kayaking activity and be served lunch before heading back to the resort.

In collaboration with Temburong local tour operators. Advance booking is required. 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.


Morning Tea, Hike and Swim By The River

An epitome of a perfect morning! The adventure starts at the Abode Resort & Spa where guests will be transported via its iconic classic Landrover to a secluded location approximately 30 minutes away. After a short hike through a jungle and an old logging trail, guests will be greeted by a beautiful pebble bedded river with clear running water; set in a serene and quiet ambience.  Guests will be invited to relax and swim in the cool clear waters while our nature guides set up camp and prepare coffee and tea as well as a small mid-morning snack.

At least 24 hours pre-booking is required. 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM.



Nature Trail

Immerse yourself within nature with these three nature trails we have prepared for you! You may choose the difficulty levels based on your preference:

Easy 1 Hr Hike
Moderate 2.5 Hrs
Tough 5 Hrs


At least 24 hours pre-booking is required. 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM.

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Book Your Experience

We recommend advance booking of resort activities, guests may book as early as 3 days in advance of their arrival date. Our Virtual Concierge (+16503380322) will be in touch with you on WhatsApp. Enquire with our Reservations Team on updated resort activities available during your stay:

Phone: (+673) 737 5825

WhatsApp: (+673) 737 5825



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