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Micro Ecosystem

What is a micro ecosystem?

A micro ecosystem is a self-sustaining biotope sealed in a glass bottle. Being a closed environment, it can illustrate how an ecosystem works in nature. During the night,  the green plants will take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide. However, in the day, when the green plants inside the glass bottle receive sunlight, they will photosynthesize to make food and produce oxygen . At the same time, the plants will transpire, which is the release of water vapour through their stomata. Water in the soil will also evaporate into water vapour. When the water vapour touches the cooler surface of the inner side of the glass bottle, it will lose heat and condensate to form water droplets, which will then 'rain' back into the soil due to gravity and the water droplets will be absorbed by the the roots of the plants. Via the water-carrying tube, xylem, the water is transported up to the leaves. Simultaneously, the plants will absorb the carbon dioxide they released in the night and with the presence of sunlight, they photosynthesize and this cycle repeats again and again.


By adopting a micro ecosystem, we are effectively bringing Mother Nature back into our home and our work space, which also provides a calming effect and a pleasant view of the rainforest.

Daily Care

These micro-ecosystems take care of themselves by releasing water vapour through the soil that collects on its glass walls. The condensation then drips back onto the plant, keeping it nourished and happy! Having said that, a little maintenance will provide an even better natural environment in the bottle;

  • Provide Light

    • Do not place the bottle in direct sunlight​

    • Plants need 8-hours of indirect sunlight or LED light inside the glass bottle

    • At night, they require rest in darkness

    • To activate the LED light, simply plug the USB-A in to a charging port and switch it on.

  • Provide Water

    • Mist for 30-seconds to 1 minute; once every 2 weeks​

    • Do not overwater; check by looking for condensation on the glass, If there's too much condensation, it means there's too much water. Open the vent on the lid for a day or two, then close it back.

    • Excess water on the glass can be wiped off with a paper towel

    • Keep vents closed. Do not let it dry out

  • Temperature

    • Place in an indoor environment between 15deg - 25deg Celcius​

    • In air-conditioned environments, do check regularly for sufficient water/ condensation.

  • Pruning

    • Depending on the amount of sunlight provided, the plants may grow quite quickly, in which case, they can be pruned off with a pair of scissors or tucked away with a pair of scissors​

Enjoy your Micro EcoSystem and benefit from Mother Nature's healing properties.

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