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Our Green Intiatives

The Abode Resort & Spa is one of a kind eco-resort with green initiatives proud of its variety of practices in the interest of sustainability, such as renewable energy, combat plastic pollution and to support our local community.


100% Renewable Energy

The Abode Resort & Spa operates on 100% Off-Grid Solar Power. This is one of our main green initiatives at our eco-resort in reducing harmful impacts on the environment. In-house guests can visit our Solar Gallery to learn more about renewable energy and our green initiatives.


Recycled Materials

In order to minimize our carbon footprint, The Abode Resort & Spa chose to repurpose excess and waste materials from the construction of the Sultan Haji Omar Ali Saifuddien (SOAS) Bridge, in the construction of our resort.

Off-cuts from the Grade 80 Concrete piles used for the SOAS Bridge were broken up to form part of our 1.2km driveway, as well as for areas requiring solid fill such as our Solar Farm. The use of these materials has helped to lower the environmental impact on natural resources and reduce our carbon footprint.


Experience the Wilderness

Guests at The Abode Resort & Spa may opt for guided nature walks, animal spotting activities or day and night cruises to spot animals, fireflies, birds and other wildlife in the mangrove jungle. For keen astrologists the night sky is particularly awe-inspiring without the distraction of urban lights.


Engaging Temburong Locals

A big part of being environmentally friendly is to involve our local community in everything that we do, from employing local talent to working closely with local businesses and cottage industries.


The Temburong District Office has been instrumental in linking The Abode Resort & Spa with the local village community, workforce and local home businesses that could potentially be working partners with the Resort. This will remain a continuous effort for us as we strive to protect our environment and our community.

No Single-Use Plastic

The increased use of single-use plastics is a toxic global issue, contributing to pollution and negatively impacting wildlife. Here at The Abode Resort & Spa we have addressed this issue by eliminating the use of miniature toiletries, drinking straws and mineral water bottles. We encourage guests to refill all in-room drinking water at centrally located water filling stations, into thermal flasks provided in each villa.

Screen-free Family Fun

To promote screen-free time, countless in-house and outbound activities are provided to ensure guests of all ages can keep themselves engaged. Providing the opportunity to read, spend some 'me-time', and just relax has become our goal in ensuring maximum screen-free time here at The Abode.

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